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International Association of Paper Historians

The 29th IPH Congress of the International Association of Paper Historians

The 29th IPH Congress of the International Association of Paper Historians will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on May 27-30, 2008, hosted by the Nordic Paper Historians, NPH. The event will be organized in conjunction with the 100 years anniversary of SPCI, the Swedish Association of Paper and Pulp Engineers and the World Pulp & Paper Week with its exhibition.

The Congress programme has been prepared by mainly the following persons: Göran Wohlfarth, chairperson NPH, Anna-Grete Rischel, vice chairperson NPH, Lennart Eriksson, Esko Häkli, Per Jerkeman, Jan-Erik Levlin, Marie Nisser and Hans Norrström.

The overall theme of the IPH Congress is The Birth of an Industry – from Forest to Paper during the 19th Century. It will concentrate on describing the huge structural changes that took place during this period when papermaking changed from a handicraft type of activity to a continuously operating process industry.

A full four days program will include not only scientific sessions with more than 25 presentations, but also a number of visits to museums and other places of relevance to the history of paper. The social program will be extensive as well. Enclosed please find tentative programme details.

End of May is a nice time to visit the Nordic countries and particularly Stockholm. The summer is coming with long evenings when you can enjoy daylight until late.

The formal registration to the congress will open in January. The registration fee will be 300 Euro for members of IPH and NPH and speakers, 350 Euro for other delegates and 250 Euro for accompanying persons. Accompanying persons can then participate in all evening events and the excursion on May 29.

Hotel rooms are expensive in Stockholm and the congress takes place during a busy period. The organisers intend to present alternatives which can accommodate most delegates in the same area of Stockholm and at the same time being reasonably priced. An indicative price level is 1200 – 1400 SEK (130 - 150 Euro) for a single room and 1500 – 1600 SEK (160 - 180 Euro) for a double room. Delegates will later have to make their own booking directly with the hotel of their choice. Alternatives can be found on www.stockholmtown.com/hotels for those who wish to stay right in the centre of the city or wish to find a room in another price class.

Full and final information about the congress will be available latest January, including information on how to register, book hotel and the final program. The material will be made available on the web sites of IPH and NPH and also advertised by other means.

By filling in the attached preregistration form, you will be put on a “first come – first served” list for hotel rooms and you will directly receive the final conference information in January.

At this point in time, please make a note in your diary of the IPH Congress in Stockholm, May 27-30, 2008. The organizers are looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm! Awaiting the final programme, you are always welcome to contact anyone of the persons below.

Göran Wohlfahrt
Chairman of NPH, Congress Chairman
Tel: +46 8 379043
E-mail: monica.wahlfahrtswipnet.se


Lennart Eriksson
Responsible for the overall organisation
Tel: +46 70 5231942 or +46 8 6767327
E-mail: lennart.erikssonstfi.se

Jan-Erik Levlin
Responsible for the scientific program
Tel: +358-40-5116049
E-mail: jan-erik.levliniki.fi

Tentative overall programme for the 2008 IPH congress in Stockholm, May 27-30 2008 (Oct. 10, 2007)

Tuesday May 27

10.00 – 12.00


14.00 – ca 17.30


Venue: Stockholm International Fairs, Älvsjö, www.stofair.se

Registration opens.

Opening session of SPCI 2008 (World Pulp & Paper Week) in the presence of Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden. Programme to be presented later.

Lunch at own expense, and the possibility to visit the planned SPCI exhibition of the earlier development of the paper industry in Sweden (more details later).

IPH Session 1.

Reception at the Royal Coin Cabinet with the history of the world´s oldest central bank, banknotes and heavy-weight copper coins. www.myntkabinettet.se

Wednesday May 28

08.30 – 12.00


13.00 – 15.00

15.00 – 16.30

Venue: National Archives of Sweden, www.statensarkiv.se

IPH Session 2


Visit to the archives, including display of water marks.

IPH General Assembly

Visit to Etnografiska Museet with display of objects, notably drawings, from the explorer Sven Hedin´s extensive expeditions into Central Asia. www.etnografiska.se


Thursday May 29







Departure by bus to Uppsala.

Visit to Uppsala University Library  (Carolina Rediviva) with its collection of old documents, including the Silver Bible. www.ub.uu.se

Visit to Gustavianum, the Uppsala University Museum with Olof Rudbeck´s anatomical theatre from the late 17th century. www.gustavianum.uu.se

Lunch in Linnéus orangerie. www.linnaeus.uu.se
Bus transfer

Visit to the Skokloster castle with its rich and unique collections of old books, painings, documents, stately objects and interior decorations. www.skoklostersslott.se

Conference dinner.
Friday May 30

9.00 – 12.00



15.00 – 16.30

16.30 – 18.00
Venue: STFI – Packforsk, Stockholm, www.stfi-packforsk.se

IPH Session 3


Visit to STFI – Packforsk

IPH Session 4 and display of the Dard Hunter collection at STFI – Packforsk.

Farewell reception.

IPH Congress, Draft scientific program

2008 September 24, 2007
Rev October 17, 2007

Session 1: The birth of an industry – from forest to paper during the 19th century

Date: Tuesday May 27, 2008 at 14.00-17.30
Venue: Älvsjömässan

14.00 Chairman's introduction
14.10 The revolution of paper making; from handicraft to an industry
Panu Nykänen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
14.40 The Nordic forests; a new raw material resource for paper making
Jan Remröd, Sweden
15.10 The parallel development of the rag fiber based industry
Helene Sjunnesson, National Museum for Science and Technology, Sweden
15.40 Coffee
16.00 The evolution of paper products
Per Jerkeman, Sweden
16.30 The paper industry development; its economical and societal implications
Jussi Raumolin, University of Helsinki, Finland
17.00 The paper industry today and its relations to the 19th century development
Johan Gullichsen, Helsinki University of Technology (Professor Emeritus), Finland
17.30 Closing the session

 Each presentation max 25 min+5 minutes for questions

Session 2. Historical aspects on the development of paper grades and qualities

Date: Wednesday May 28, 2008 at 8.30-12.00
Venue: Riksarkivet

2.1 Classification of paper grades
  How to document the development of paper grades and qualities? The paper collections of the German Book and Writing Museum of the German National Library as a unique resource
Frieder Schmidt, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Germany
  The interaction between Eastern and Western paper making
Anna-Grethe Rischel, National Museum of Denmark
  Comparing properties of contemporary Chinese papers manufactured in China and Japanese Kozo Washi paper
Angela Wai-sum Liu, Hongkong Museum of Art
2.2 Paper permanence
  The influence of raw materials on the permanence of paper
Tom Lindström, KTH, Sweden
  Coffee break
  Physical Deterioration of Paper : Markovian modelling approach
Kurmo Konsa, Tartu University, Estonia
  Micro destructive pH measurements of original paper documents – without any devices
Istvan Kecskeméti,
EVTEK Institute of Art and Design, Vantaa, Finland
  Paper degradation and conservation: developments in methodology and approach
H.J. Porck, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands
  Paper expertise and contextual data provided by the eContentPlus project Bernstein
Emanuel Wenger, Vlad Atanasiu, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Donau-City Strasse 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria
  New challenges for preventive archival paper conservation
M. Carmen Sistach, Archive of the Crown of Aragón, Spain

Session 3. The techno-economical development of the paper industry during the 19th century

Date: Friday May 30, 2008 at 8.30-12.00
Venue: STFI-Packforsk

3.1 Development of papermaking technology
  The beginning of the kraft (sulphate) process in chemical pulping of wood
Józef Dabrowski, Poland
  Bryan Donkin's Machinery for making Bank Note Paper
Alan Crocker, UK
  Transparent Paper; Production processes in the 19th century and their influence on the dimensional stability of papers
Hildegard Homburger, Berlin, Germany
  The birth of paper testing: Natural selection applied to instrumentation
Daven Chamberlain, Arjo Wiggins Research and Development, UK
  Coffee break
  The Technological Investigation of Paper Based Works of Art
Elena Mikolaychuk, The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia
3.2 Paper industry development in different regions
  Paper of Sweden in the Beginning of the 20th century: A Glance from the Neighborhood (Russian analysts about Swedish Paper and Pulp Industry in 1904-1917)
Denys Tsypkin, Alexandra Balachenkova, Russian Association of Paper Historians, Russia
  Local papermaking, paper trade and book-culture promotion in Inner Asia Agnieszka Helman-Wazny, USA
  How wood became the main raw material for paper production in nowadays Slovenia Darko Cafuta, Slovenia
  Paper Consumption in Germany during the 19th and 20th Century
Sabine Schachtner, Rheinisches Industriemuseum, Germany

Session 4. Historical perspectives

Date: Friday May 30, 2008 at 15.00-16.30
Venue: STFI-Packforsk

  History Revealed; the Watermarks and Restoration of the Xiu Chronicles
Thea Burns, Harvard University Library, USA
  A Tribute to Dard Hunter
Elaine Koretsky, Research Institute of Paper History & Technology, USA
  Presentation of the Dard Hunter collections of STFI-Packforsk

Preregistration for the 2008 IPH Congress

By making a preregistration, you are assured to receive the final programme and registration documents for the Congress. You can also assure to have a room at the main Congress hotel (from where buses depart). You also help the organisers in their planning.

You can send your preregistration to the following address and email is preferred:



ennart Eriksson
Box 5604
SE - 11486 Stockholm

Please include in your response the following details:

  • Name
  • Institution and postal address
  • Email
  • Phone number(s)
  • Speaker when relevant (yes/no)
  • Number of participating accompanying persons
  • Need for hotel room (arrival date, departure date, single or double room)
  • Member of IPH (yes/no)
  • Member of NPH (yes/no)

The preregistration is of course not binding but is expected to reflect your current intentions.

Oct. 10, 2007

Download all seperate parts as a Word document:

  1. 1st Announcement Congress
  2. Tentative overall program
  3. Draft scientific program
  4. Preregistration form
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