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Interessante openbare lezing van Peter Bower

Fakes and Forgeries: the Art of Deception


29 november 2007, 15.30 – 16.30 ICN, Gabriël Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam
A Public Lecture by Peter Bower

‘What one man can make another can copy.’ But it is equally true that ‘What one man can copy another can tell that a copy has been made.’ This lecture is based on the investigations and discoveries made in various cases including a group of supposedly ‘early 19th century’ watercolours; Leon Warnerke, perhaps the greatest banknote forger ever and the German forgery of British paper money during the Second World War. It covers the physical investigation of the objects involved, the interpretation of those findings and the techniques used by the forgers, emphasising the importance of background research and the collaboration between investigators. Other areas covered will include some of the basic dynamics of forgery, including one of the most important elements of any successful forgery – the manipulation of the victim by the forger. Reference will also be made to similar cases worked on as well as some famous historical cases such as the British Governments forgery of Assignats, French Revolutionary money.

Peter Bower is a forensic paper historian and analyst specialising in the examination of paper for the purposes of dating, attribution and usage for Museums, Galleries, lawyers, the police and private individuals around the world. Recent work has included involvement in the re-discovery of a Michelangelo drawing and the analysis of the ‘Black Diaries’ of Sir Roger Casement. He is the author of Turner’s Papers 1787-1820 and Turner’s Later Papers 1820-1851, published to accompany exhibitions at Tate Britain. His current major research project is the papers used by John Constable.

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